J.K. Rowling The Ickabog Illustration Competition

Illustration Themes

The Ickabog is available to read online here. The list of illustration themes for each instalment can be found below.

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Instalment 34

Prime Minister Goodfellow and Lady Eslanda’s wedding

Mr Dovetail and Mrs Beamish’s wedding

A bowl of mushroom soup

A plate of Fluma Fish

The city of Ickaby

King Fred and the fierce Ickaboggle

Chapter 64

Instalment 33

The fierce Ickaboggle

The kind Ickaboggle

Spittleworth falling off his horse

Spittleworth running along in his robes

Scrumble tied up

A chest of gold

Lady Eslanda holding a gun

Chapter 62

Chapter 63

Instalment 32

The Ickabog’s belly opening

Flapoon firing his blunderbuss

Chapter 61

Instalment 31

Spittleworth’s fake Ickabog

Mr Dovetail and his axe

Mrs Beamish and her saucepan

Chapter 60

Instalment 30

Hetty and her husband, amazed

A skinny sheep

Our heroes’ signs

Daisy riding on the Ickabog’s shoulders

Basher John peering around the corner

The Ickabog handing out snowdrops

The crowd with their pitchforks

Chapter 58

Chapter 59

Instalment 29

Ickabog eyes full of tears

Daisy and the Ickabog talking to each other

Chapter 57

Instalment 28

Fred happy in his orange suit, with his letter

Spittleworth worried

The fire

The snow falling past the window

Some busy, happy prisoners cooking

Chapter 55

Chapter 56

Instalment 27

Pictures of the Ickabog’s song




Chapter 54

Instalment 26

The Ickabog’s cave paintings

A basket full of mushrooms

The Ickabog eating mushrooms

Daisy and the Ickabog sitting at the mouth of the cave

Chapter 52

Chapter 53

Instalment 25

The real Ickabog

The four lying in their nest of sheep’s wool

Chapter 51

Instalment 24

Bert saving Daisy from Basher John

Bert and Daisy hugging

The cabbage cupboard

Bert, Daisy, Roderick and Martha walking away in the snow

The wagon of frozen food

The shadow on the snow

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Instalment 23

A happy pastry-making prisoner

Some finished pastries

The high window in the dungeons

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Instalment 22

The boarded up tavern

Roderick in his pyjamas

Basher John and his blunderbuss

Chapter 45

Chapter 46

Instalment 21

Bert hiding in the beetroot patch

Bert and the guard

Mrs Beamish in her cell

Bert’s ‘Wanted’ poster

Cousin Harold’s boarded-up tavern

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Instalment 20

Mrs Beamish sewing

Mrs Beamish sneaking into the kitchen

Mrs Beamish behind the curtain

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Instalment 19

A highwayman

The mail coach

A mailsack and letters

Bert and Lord Flapoon

The tiny wooden Ickabog foot

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

Instalment 18

The moon

Daisy in her lengthened overalls

Daisy and Lord Spittleworth

Cabbage soup

Orphanage cakes

Chapter 37

Chapter 38

Instalment 17

Lady Eslanda in the rose garden

Some roses

Lady Eslanda reading Spittleworth’s book

A prison

An orphanage

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Instalment 16

King Fred worried in his pale blue suit

Mr Dovetail with his long hair and white beard

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Instalment 15

The gigantic wooden foot

Monstrous footprints on the ground

Blood and chicken feathers

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Chapter 32

Instalment 14

Ma Grunter

Basher John


The girl skipping in Daisy’s old dress

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Instalment 13

The enormous bit of wood

The dungeon

Daisy in the flour sack

Private Prodd

Five golden Ducats

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Instalment 12

The bandalore

Some pastries lying in the earth

Tubby Tenderloin

Cankerby the footman

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Instalment 11

The statue of Nobby Buttons

The Cornucopian flag

A house covered in flags and signs

The painted eyes on the back of the Tax Collector’s uniforms

Captain Goodfellow in chains

Lady Eslanda watching the trial

A flying cabbage

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Instalment 10

King Fred’s golden medal

The black funeral horses with their plumes

The old woman in the ginger wig

The broken Ickabog toy

Professor Fraudysham

Professor Fraudysham’s picture of the monster

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Instalment 9

Herringbone the Chief Advisor (possibly with a sword coming out of his belly)

Hetty the maid listening at the door

Lady Eslanda and her lantern

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Instalment 8

The very sad Bert and Mrs Beamish

Lord Spittleworth and his glass of wine

The body covered in the flag

Captain Goodfellow

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Instalment 7

A worried innkeeper

The keys to the cellar

King Fred with his bedclothes pulled up to his eyes

Lord Spittleworth and his candle

The body wrapped in cloaks on the horse

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Instalment 6

King Fred’s jewelled sword

King Fred covered in mud

Major Roach Patch the dog, in the brambles

The imaginary monster with lamp-like eyes

The blunderbuss

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Instalment 5

Chocolate fondu

A cheesemonger’s shop

Honey roast ham

A butcher’s shop

Grapes hanging on their vine

A bottle of Jeroboam champagne

The marsh

Chapter 11

Instalment 4

King Fred in battle dress

Major Beamish and Captain Goodfellow

Lady Eslanda and the other ladies of the court in the balcony

Lord Flapoon on his horse

Lord Spittleworth on his horse

Bert and Mrs Beamish waving goodbye

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Instalment 3

The palace courtyard



Bert and Daisy fighting

Major Beamish

Bert’s tiny medal

King Fred on his throne

King Fred’s golden curling tongs

The cushion carrying King Fred’s rings

Spittleworth and Flapoon looking bored

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Instalment 2

Bert Beamish

Daisy Dovetail

Herringbone the Chief Advisor

King Fred’s purple suit

The house with the black drapes over the doors and windows

The carpenter’s workshop

Daisy’s old dresses

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Instalment 1

King Fred the Fearless

Lord Spittleworth

Lord Flapoon

Lady Eslanda

Map of Cornucopia

Flag of Cornucopia

Food pictures – pastries, cheese, sausages and wine

Pictures of what the Ickabog might look like

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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