J.K. Rowling The Ickabog Illustration Competition

Illustration Instructions

Shortlisted entrants were contacted on the 27th July 2020 via the email provided upon entry. If your entry has not been shortlisted, you will not be contacted.

Only entries which match the author’s Illustration Themes, and which follow all the below Illustration Instructions will be eligible. Any deviation will result in the entry being disqualified.

  • Illustrations should be created on plain white paper (without lines or patterns);
  • The dimensions of the illustration must be 210mm wide by 275mm high (this is 22mm shorter than A4, but the same width);
  • Illustrations should fill the paper as fully as possible (please do not submit a small illustration in the centre of the page);
  • Illustrations should be in full colour, not black and white only;
  • For best results use paint, crayons or coloured pencils. Avoid light, low-contrast mediums like HB pencil;
  • Don’t use fluorescent or metallic colours, as these won’t reproduce when printed;
  • All illustrations must be flat (no 3D models or highly textured collages);
  • No glitter and no tin foil should be used;
  • Illustrations should not contain any personal information e.g. entrant’s names, age, location, signature;
  • Illustrations must not contain photography (i.e. within a collage or as a medium);
  • Illustrations must be hand-drawn or painted (digital or electronic media, including artwork created using computer software or similar will not be permissible);
  • Illustrations must only illustrate the relevant chapter instalment and not inadvertently reveal parts of the story that come later. For example, if halfway through the story a character gets a haircut, but you are illustrating that character for the first instalment in the story, you should show them with their original haircut, not the one that comes later;
  • Illustrations will be judged on the following criteria, respective to the age of the child: creativity, composition, use of colour, relevance to text and technical ability;
  • Illustrations must be submitted digitally for judging, as a JPEG or PNG file (under 10MB in size) – either scanned or photographed. Please ensure there are no heavy shadows or light flares across the artwork scan/photo before uploading;
  • Original illustrations must be kept safe and clean, not folded or stapled, as those shortlisted will be required to send the original to the publisher for the final round of judging; anything not in good enough condition to be reproduced within the Book will not be considered further;
  • Winning illustrations may need to be cropped, edited, adapted, scaled, retouched, digitally enhanced or otherwise modified for printing.

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